Who better to Defend Life at ALL stages than a Father who is a father?

FOX News – Pope: “There is no contradiction for a Priest to marry.  Celibacy in the western Church is a temporary prescription,” Francis said.  “It is not eternal like Priestly ordination, which is forever whether you like it or not.  On the other hand, celibacy is a discipline.”  The Catholic Church began requiring celibacy in the 11th century because clergy with no children were more likely to leave their money to the church.
Lifesite News – Pope: ‘We have to think about’ married Priests in the Catholic Church; “Why are there no Priests to celebrate the Eucharist?” the Pontiff pondered regarding areas of particular concern… “That makes the Church weak, since a Church without the Eucharist has no power. Vocations of Priests are a problem, an enormous problem.”

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Newsweek – There is a significant distinction: Allowing married men to become Priests is not the same thing as allowing Priests to marry. The Pope’s comment would apply to [mature] men [aka Permanent Deacons] already married becoming Priests.
We the People demand Congress make the Archdiocese for Military Services, whose Catholic Chaplains’ salaries are funded with U.S. taxpayer dollars, mandate mature-married Priests be allowed to serve to fill the over 300 vacancies Archbishop Timothy Broglio spoke of.  Our servicemen/women and their families deserve better, and already having married Roman Catholic Priests serve in America makes the shortage an inexcusable inane insanity!

Pope Hints at Need to Ordain Mature Married Priests – The Associated Press, 1-28-19

Pope Says Church Banning Priests From Engaging in Sex is ‘Temporary’ – FOX News, 3-13-23

Roman Catholic Church Could Ordain [More] Married Men to Become Priests – Reuters, 1-7-24

Vatican Seeks ‘Courageous’ Ideas to Combat Priest Shortage – The Associated Press, 6-8-18

Well Over 100 Married Catholic Priests in U.S. Today – Catholic Digest, 9-1-18

Pope Frets About ‘Hemorrhage’ of Priests, Nuns From Church – The Associated Press, 1-28-17

Significant Majority of American Catholics Believe Mature Priests Should Be Allowed to Marry – PEW Research Center, 6-7-15

There Are Over 15,000 Permanent Deacons in the U.S. Catholic Church – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 5-29-14

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Pope Hints at Need to Ordain Mature Married Priests – The Associated Press, 1-28-19
Pope Says Church Banning Priests From Engaging in Sex is ‘Temporary’ – FOX News, 3-13-23
Roman Catholic Church Could Ordain [More] Married Men to Become Priests – Reuters, 6-17-19
Vatican Seeks ‘Courageous’ Ideas to Combat Priest Shortage – The Associated Press, 6-8-18
Well Over 100 Married Catholic Priests in U.S. Today – Catholic Digest, 9-1-18
Pope Frets About ‘Hemorrhage’ of Priests, Nuns From Church – The Associated Press, 1-28-17
Significant Majority of American Catholics Believe Mature Priests Should Be Allowed to Marry – PEW Research Center, 6-7-15
There Are Over 15,000 Permanent Deacons in the U.S. Catholic Church – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 5-29-14

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Q & A with Military Services Archbishop Timothy Broglio – In terms of the number of priests we are very weak. I have [now fewer than 200] priests on active duty and I probably need about 500.  Our Service Members & Families Deserve Better!!!

    • 100+Married Roman Catholic Priests in the U.S. today (former Episcopalian/Anglican & Eastern Rite Priests/Deacons) – LA Times, 3-12-17
    • ~800 U.S. Military bases globally

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  • 25+% U.S. Military Catholic
  • Only 7% of Chaplains Catholic
  • 15,000+ U.S. Permanent Deacons (Married/Mature Almost Priests)
  • Our Troops Deserve Better!!!

If you believe that the Catholic Church is a phenomenal force for good, both at home and abroad, and that we are actuarially watching it die because of a lack of vocations akin to the “boiling frog” analogy to properly lead the church into the future, then please sign this petition for Married Priests to try to affect change before it IS too late.  Per the above axiomatic statistical metrics, of the 25+% of recruits who are Catholic (being brilliantly led by Drill Instructor Lewis – WATCH HERE), half+/- of them will not have a chance to receive the sacraments because of a shortage of Priests in https://www.milarch.org/sacramental-records/ (“Unlike a conventional diocese, the AMS has no parishes or parish registries. Because military chapels are United States Government property, all records of sacraments performed on U.S. Military Installations are maintained by the AMS.”).  

If you are like the US and have been blessed by amazing Priests, Nuns, and/or Brothers to infuse your life with the Holy Spirit, then what is the downside of expanding the pool of excellent candidates before an inevitable sacramental suicide by stupidity? In fact, our Northeast Diocese now ONLY has ~25 Priests under the age of 60 for 114 active parishes (with a new mandatory retirement age of 70), which is clearly unsustainable.

In Latin, “semper reformanda” means “always in need of reform”, which means BOTH our souls and the Church.  It has never been a perfect Church, and won’t be, but that doesn’t mean leadership should go forward with inane insanity crippling our Baptismal Promises!  That’s the power of faith; it can sustain US and fill US with HOPE, no matter what ‘We the People’ are facing… Darkness to Light!

We believe the HOLY TRINITY is as simple as the Biblical “GOD (THE FATHER) is LOVE” aka ‘GOD=GOoD’; JESUS “I AM” became the WISDOM (logos) by reinforcing as THE SON how “TO LOVE THE FATHER AS I HAVE LOVED (died for) YOU”; and THE HOLY SPIRIT is that infinite LOVE-LOGOS-LOGIC/REASON (aka conscience-moral compass) of FREE WILL (Adam-n-Eve) on the axiom that people are intrinsically-instinctively basically GOoD by being called to bring ‘HEAVEN TO EARTH’ to manifest GOD’s glory through FAITH/PRAYER & WORKS-CHARITY/SERVICE for the GREATER GOoDPrayer puts US in ‘communion’ with the Holy Trinity, that Star Wars-like “force” that helps US to LOVE, BELIEVE & HOPE.     10-5-2017

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  The Our Father is the ONLY prayer Jesus recited to/for US during His earthly ministry, so please encourage others to ‘bring Heaven to earth’ instead of just trying to ‘get to Heaven’, as the rest will take care of itself

Know that your faith can bring light to people in darkness, hope to those suffering, and relief to those who are struggling.  “When we’re baptized, we were given a light to share with the world.  Who knows what we might accomplish in one heart, one home, one neighborhood, or one nation when we shine that light before others?!” (LivingFaith.com)

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see your choices in the light of love.  Ask the Trinity to help you relate to the people around you with comPASSION as you try to obey the commandments.  Because love is the foundation and the fulfillment of the Law (WAU.org).  Unconditional LOVE is God Thee Almighty’s infinite creation – it doesn’t measureit just gives, and our living job is to share it with others in our orbit who may be open to graces given (Serenity Prayer galore for sure)

As a Christian, you, too, are called to “incarnate” (become like) Jesus.  Most likely you won’t be called to be a martyr, but you will be called in a myriad of ways to die to self and your own selfish desires.  You may not be ordained as a deacon, but you will be called to serve your brothers and sisters in need (aka, ‘bring Heaven to earth’).  You may not work great signs and wonders, but you can be a sign of Jesus’ love and mercy to a hurting world.  And finally, though you may never have to forgive persecutors trying to destroy you, you will be called to forgive—in both big and small ways (WAU.org).

Matthew 22:36+ “Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?” [Jesus] said to him, “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”  Again, Jesus’ words in ALL FOUR Gospels (Mark 12:30+, Luke 10:27+, plus a little less directly quoted in John 13 & John 15), and not some later century interpretation that is the epitome of “Heaven to Earth”, juxtaposed to ‘buy your way into Heaven’ and various other ‘score-sheet’ metrics.  WHY over-complicate what was originally meant to be part of a broader KISS (Keep It Simple Smart) message of SALVATION for humanity that EVERYbody can be saved, not just the elites?! 

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WE NEED PRIESTS TO CELEBRATE THE MASS & SACRAMENTS – May GOD forever bless our servicemen/women and their families!

Matthew 5:16 – “In the same way your light [faith] must [humbly] shine before others, so that, seeing your good works, they may give praise to your Father in heaven [want what you’ve got believing in a greater good than themselves].

IT TRULY IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT FOLKS BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH & EVANGELIZE GREATER GOoD with PRAYER, WORKS, CHARITY/SERVICE in this humble sinner’s opinion from the incredible wisdom shared by elders in our Gospel reflection group.  Try to stay in a state of Grace, ask for forgiveness sacramentally and otherwise, plus penance so you can continue to strive/stride for GOoD Grace.  John 3:16-17 – For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in [Jesus] might not perish but might have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.”  YOU are indeed a unique gift from God, so manifest it accordingly (WATCH HERE)


2 Corinthians, 3:17 “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

IF you believe in the miracles offered by Our Lady at Fatima, Lourdes, and Guadalupe amongst others, and the historically proven visions by St.Mary to the Fatima children including what hell looks like, it is very well mirrored in Constantine (Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf WATCH HERE that should scare the ‘devil’ out of everybody (Matthew 22:14 – “Many are invited, but few are chosen”) as we ALL have GOoD versus evil struggles/searches.

Water symbolized humans; Wine is divine (aka, water to wine).  Baptism by cousin John (the last prophet of the Old Testament) in the water began Jesus’ ministry, with His first Biblical miracle being ‘water to wine’ at the Cana wedding for followers’ “proof” and His last act (sacred task) before ultimately sacrificing for our salvation was the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper giving Himself for US in his Body and Blood as food for our earthly journey to sustain US both in body and soul (Manna from Heaven – CCC 1328), coming FULL circle from Bethlehem (in Hebrew = “House of Bread”) to our “Bread of Life”.  The “Real Presence” of Christ in the Eucharist is real, true, and substantial as a sacrament of love ‘because The Mass is an act of Thanksgiving to God’, and that celebration clearly cannot be FULLY facilitated without a Priest present! (https://www.churchpop.com/2018/01/31/the-11-names-for-holy-mass-every-catholic-needs-to-know/). 

For those detractors who for whatever reason want a further diminished RCC and/or want to see it fail to keep their corrupt agenda alive, ALL we can do is pray for your souls especially since it has NEVER been divine doctrine or biblical mandate.  Matthew 18:3 serves as a reminder that unless we see with the eyes of a child and rejoice in the wonders of God’s miraculous love, we will not enter the ‘narrow gate’ Kingdom of God (Matthew 22:14 – “Many are called, but few are chosen”).  Bishop Ramirez’s grandmother capsule summaries that a life well and honorably lived with God will lead one to this self-evident truth;Son, haven’t you learned yet that it is a privilege to die?” (WATCH HERE & please share StoryCorps short with others).

Most ALL Diocesan Priests receive a sizable $alary and additionally have healthcare coverage plans provided for them in addition to housing, etc.  Vatican II empowered the laity to take more active roles in helping run their parishes, as any detractor metric has already been proven out with existing Catholic/Christian married Priest/Reverend dynamics.  

It is not a mind-blowing statement that the American Catholic Church has had an epic self-inflicted public relations crisis for over two decades now, which combined with a multi-lateral bombardment of secularism has disconnected several generations of Baptized/Confirmed Catholics away to evangelical or agnostic beliefs.  IF it is to overcome the seemingly irreparable damage of real and perceived scandals, then we need to get back to the Biblical traditions of the clergy with married Priests like Peter (Mt. 8:14) and for the first Millennia to what St. John Paul II, Benedict, and Francis put into effect with hundreds of married Roman and Eastern Rite Catholic Priests today in America (https://www.catholic.com/qa/why-are-eastern-rite-married-men-allowed-to-be-ordained-Priests & https://www.usccb.org/about/bishops-and-dioceses).  

For those with an alternative agenda to church doctrine, this one-minute summary explains well why women cannot be ordained but can play KEY-CRITICAL-INVALUABLE roles nonetheless WATCH HERE).  Please likewise read more on our FACTS page.

If we are serious about growing the church, from where now most often one Priest serves several U.S. parishes to exponential evangelizing, not just re-verts but also others like in Africa’s admirable advances, then this is the only WAY forward and distinctly distinguish the US from despicable demonic dastardly deeds such as https://nypost.com/2023/01/20/couple-pimped-their-adopted-sons-out-to-pedophile-ring-report/ and even against honorable seminarians answering ‘the call’ amongst our so-called trusted ‘leaders’ like Dolan as credibly shown in this lawsuit  (WATCH HERE) explained by retired Navy Chaplain-Priest (former Father who’s now a father) Gene Thomas Gomulka (http://gomulka.net/GTGBiography.pdf).  What is eviler; a pedophile, or a pedophile protector/enabler?

Please read the below bullets and discern for yourselves if the present system, which is clearly broken and in DESPERATE need of (pick the proper word), for it is NOT sustainable at its current state/rate neither actuarially, morally nor financially: 

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    • https://cleanthechurch.com/a-few-bad-apples-dont-spoil-the-bunch-pray-for-the-good-guys-in-black/ – Therefore, difficult as it may be, we must never forget to pray for the fallen men who have neglected their own sanctification.  It is imperative that we pray for their repentance and that God will have mercy on their souls, provided they repent.  Likewise, we must pray in earnest for those prelates and Priests who are radiant examples of Christ the High Priest.  Think about it.  These men are likewise affected when news surfaces of a disgraced vocation.  Some of them know the accused.  What’s worse is that whether a stranger or acquaintance of the accused, more often than not, all Priests endure the stigma caused by their fallen brother.  Sadly, secular society and even some of the faithful begin to generalize that all Priests are corrupt.  We know this is simply not true!  Then there are the Priests who have a genuine desire to serve God’s people, but they find themselves mired down in Church politics and radical bishops that make it difficult for these men to minister to the faithful.  Just as the laity becomes frustrated with peculiar prelates, so too do the Priests.  Still, they do what they are called to do.  For men such as these, the days are long, the slumber is short, the criticisms are many, and the gratitude is little.
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    • https://cleanthechurch.com/three-lies-about-sex-abuse-in-the-catholic-church/ – Although a homosexually oriented celibate Priest, sexually abused himself as a minor, correctly pointed out that not all homosexuals are predators, he admitted that most abuse in the Catholic Church is committed by homosexual clergy.   He posed a geometric analogy by saying, “While all squares are rectangles, not all rectangles are squares.”  The third lie is that sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has nothing to do with the celibacy requirement.  >>> If celibacy has nothing to do with clerical sexual abuse, then how does one explain how so-called celibate Eastern Rite Priests in the U.S., forced until recently to accept celibacy, have abuse rates similar to the celibate Roman Catholic clergy, while married Eastern Rite Priests do not suffer the same problem? Interestingly, high school students at private boarding schools staffed by married personnel were not found to have been groomed and abused like countless students enrolled in minor seminaries staffed by so-called celibate Priest faculty members.
    • https://www.catholicbusinessjournal.com/news/faith-at-work/vatican/heart-breaking-expose-by-wsj-vatican-uses-donations-for-the-poor-to-plug-its-budget-deficit/ – According to a Wall Street Journal exposé series by Francis X. Rocca, not only does the Vatican use donations for the poor to plug its budget deficit, but only 10% of donations to the Vatican’s Peter’s Pence collection go to charitable works [and instead goes to the bloated bureaucracy at the Vatican]. 

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Marvelous Map of Christ’s Time in the Holy Land

Saying the Rosary daily has helped US tremendously (PLUS the Divine Mercy Chaplet too – https://www.thedivinemercy.org/message/devotions/pray-the-chaplet), and if for whatever reason you cannot connect with a local group in prayer, EWTN (Cable Television or .com via “TV” & “Watch Live” links) has it on daily at 7:30 am EST to join countless others or you can enJOY it at your convenience with these terrific travels through the Holy Land:

One Sunday morning, the married Priest noticed little Joseph standing in the foyer of St. Mary’s staring up at a large plaque.  It was covered with names and small U.S.A. flags mounted on either side of it.  

The seven-year-old had been gazing at the commemoration for some time, so the Priest walked up, and said quietly; “GOoD morning Joseph.”

“GOoD morning Father,” he replied, still focused on the inscription.  “Father, what is this?” he asked.  The Priest said; “Well, it’s a memorial to ALL the young men and women who died in the service.”

Soberly, they just stood together, looking at the large plaque.  Finally, little Joseph’s voice, barely audible and trembling with fear, asked; “Which service, the 9:00 or 11:00?

May GOD forever bless the United States of America!

If you need to understand WHY we desperately need Priests to celebrate the magic and spiritual miracle that graces US through the Holy Mass, please watch this phenomenal “Healing Light Of Christ” short video endorsed by former Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, and evangelize it further!!!  

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